MyFoodData App

Use the app to quickly access your foods and food log from your device.

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App Features:
  • You can...
  • Save Recipes and Meal Plans
  • Log and Track What You Eat
  • Compare Foods
  • View Total Amino Acids
  • Share Meal Plans
  • Print Custom Food Lists
  • Print Nutrient Labels
  • Sync Between Devices
  • Forever-Free
Why isn't the app on the app store?

Wondering why the MyFoodData app isn't on the app store? Well, it's because we've opted for a progressive web app (PWA) approach.

Despite being a web-based application, our PWA doesn't compromise on features. It offers app-like functionalities such as offline support and notifications, ensuring a seamless user experience.

But that's not all. By directly hosting the app from the web, MyFoodData takes a stand against the Google-Apple duopoly. This means a direct and independent connection between MyFoodData and you! By cutting out the intermediaries, we prioritize your data privacy and avoid the influence of large corporations.

Choosing our Progressive Web App means embracing a more efficient, private, and user-centric experience without being confined to the limitations imposed by traditional app stores.