This is the old version of the MyFoodData organizer. It is just for historical purposes. This version of the app is no longer updated and new data may not be saved. Please use the new version here. Or try the daily food log. Questions or Comments? Email:

Your dashboard is a place to save and view foods, comparisons, meal plans, and amino acid totals.


Dashboard Instructions

  1. Click to enter a new pantry list, recipe, or meal plan.
  2. Search and add foods as needed.
  3. Adjust the serving size using the drop down and the quantity box. You can get exact amounts in grams, by choosing a 100 gram serving, and then entering decimal values in the quantity box.
    (I.E.: 1.5 x 100g = 150g , 0.2 x 100 = 20g)
  4. Click the 3 dots on the right of each list you create to see the option menu for each list.
    You can:
    1. Edit the food list name.
    2. View/Edit the food list to add or delete foods.
    3. Share the list you created with others.
    4. View a comparison analysis of all foods.
    5. View the totals for over 150 nutrients.
    6. Check if the foods provide all essential amino acids.
  5. You must sign up and create an account in order to use the web app.
  6. Changes are saved automatically. Press the "Done" button after creating or editing a list.
  7. Enjoy building and creating lists. Send us your feedback, questions, comments, and suggestions.
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